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As an administrator, you are busy with countless items throughout the day. If you have a portable device such as an iPad, you need to know HOW to use it in the workplace. Your iPad should enable you to be more effective in your job. Yet, many administrators do not know what to do with it except check mail and keep a calendar. I hope this page will help you become more productive with your job using your technology device!

First, you want your device to help your work flow - not add to it! Therefore, limit the number of apps you use for actionable items.  Use your calendar to sync all your calendars - and set up reminders. They really do help! Email yourself lists as needed.

I will be sharing some of my favorite apps for administrators. Please - if you have an app that you love using as an administrator, comment below and share with all of us! Collaboration is key and sharing will help us all grow.

*** Note:  The links bring you to company web sites for more information. To install the app, you will need to go through your app store. :)

1.  My favorite "must have" app is Dropbox. CLICK HERE  Please click this link if you do not have dropbox and download it to your C drive on your computer (ask computer desk for help) and download the iPad app.  (CCS Admin - it will have to go on the C: drive...if you are unsure what to do, please contact the help desk!)

Dropbox is just like an invisible thumb drive - or drive on your computer. It is cloud based. So, any file you save in dropbox may be opened up anywhere, on any computer including an iPad or iPhone. And, files may be shared! You may set up individual "folders" and share the folders with anyone...one person, or many!  Whoever shares the folder with you may save to the folder as well. 

As an administrator, you can use it in a variety of ways:

  • Set up folders to share with teachers or departments. Exchange and share files.
  • Set up a personal folder for family and relatives. Share pictures and holiday ideas.
  • Set up a travel folder and save maps, hotel information, itineraries, etc.
  • Set up folders to share with other administrators at other schools. Exchange school information.
  • Set up a folder for forms/observations. Create your observation forms, save as a PDF into dropbox, and open using Docusign or PDF Expert to write on the form. (Discussed at training.)
2.  Instapaper is a very useful app for busy administrators!

I don't know about you, but I follow many excellent bloggers, plus I subscribe to ASCD and Eduweek. There are many articles to read and simply not enough time! By saving the articles to Instapaper, they may be pulled up anytime, anywhere, OFF LINE! Wow! I love it. I save articles to read while I am traveling in a car or by plane. Read the articles when you do have time!

3.  Evernote!  Please watch the video for a brief, 50 second intro:

Evernote is like a file cabinet. It will accept text (emailed, typed, copied...), audio, images, web clippings, etc. You may tag items so that they are all searchable. Evernote can even read text (including handwriting) in photographs.

Admin idea:

Create folders that match our ESLRs...

  • Critical Thinker
  • Organized
  • Understanding of biblical truth
  • Good communicator
  • Academically prepared
  • Ready to defend his or her faith
As you walk the halls and complete teacher observations, take photos through evernote of the evidence and file in the ESLR folder.  For example, if you see a bulletin board that shows excellent student work, take a photo and file in academically prepared. Or, if a student is speaking in chapel, take a photo or audio and file in "ready to defend his or her faith" or "understanding of biblical truth".  How about department folders?  Take photos of work in English, history, math, etc.  Add ideas from other schools and share with the departments through the share section!

4.  Penultimate is created by the makers of Evernote and can I say I LOVE this app?

First - penultimate is fun. Yes, fun. :) I love changing papers and pen colors while I take notes. I use a stylus and take notes during meetings. You can keep the notes in separate "books" and you can share entire books or single pages. You can also easily email pages. So - if you have a quick note or observation, you can take note and send it immediately from your iPad. Sometimes it's nice to get a handwritten note! You can also take pictures and annotate the picture in penultimate, then send the page. How about taking a photo of a bulletin board, pulling it up in penultimate, circling the part you like and writing a note of encouragement? Send it to the teacher and it is bound to be a hit!

5.  Flipboard can be another very useful tool. It is a social media magazine where you can "flip" through the pages.

My advice for administrators? Sign up with Twitter.  Begin following excellent principals of established schools who use Twitter or write blogs. Hook up with Connected Principals or Influential Principals . Then, using flipboard, their "tweets" and link posts will appear in magazine format. It is an EXCELLENT PLN (personal learning network)!  As a new principal last year, I cannot tell you how much information I gleaned by doing this! I was amazed at some of the wonderful, influential principals that took the time to respond to my questions and tweets as well. Wow. You really have to try it!

6.  Docusign is free and a wonderful lifesaver when you need a document signed securely and legally! It allows you to add your signature to any document. 

Not only can you add your signature, but you can add text fields and date. 

Idea:  Try saving an observation form (as a PDF) in dropbox. Pull up in docusign. You can fill out the form during your observation, sign it, and email it to yourself for saving on your computer, or to the teacher.  Have you ever been asked to sign something and fax it back quickly? Do it now digitally with your own signature and you can easily email the document back with a signature.

7.  Common Core Standards - Need to look at a Language or Math Common Core Standard? Use this easy app to see it immediately.

Notice that I have added a Common Core App Widget to the side bar of this page - - - - - - >
Click on the CC tab to the right.

8.  Google Docs . Finally, Google Docs.  I must admit, I don't use it a lot myself, but I had heard that others really enjoy it. It allows you to pull up documents you have stored in your Google Drive.

There you have it! Those are my favorite go-to apps for administrators.  If you have a favorite app for an administrator, please SHARE with us in the comment section!

******** Newly Shared *********

R. Tevis shared his favorite app as an administrator: GloBible . I, too, love the GloBible! I only have the limited free version, but my husband has the full version. If you like the free GloBible app, you will love the full version which gives you access to all the images and video files. According to their website: "Glo is an interactive Bible that brings the text of Scripture to life through HD videos, high-resolution images, articles, 360-degree virtual tours, and much more. Glo for iPad includes 2 lenses: Bible and Media, and is the perfect companion to Glo for your computer."  Give it a try!

Before I go, I do have one more thing to add.  Get to know Kathy Schrock. Don't know her? You should. :) She is an influential educator who works with technology integration, among other things! She has written something called "Bloomin' Apps". She took Bloom's taxonomy and linked iPad resources to each cognitive process. When you can, spend some time checking out the resources on Bloomin' Apps, as well as the links on the left hand side bar.

Thanks so much!

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