Yes, title change!

Yes, I have made my third title change! Basically, I can't think of a title for my blog that I like. I use to have a blog titled PJ Jots...and Lauren said that was her favorite. So for now, I switched back. But don't be surprised if I change it again until I find something I really it! I tried to think of things I like...chocolate, coffee, and cycling. But that has nothing to do with the blog. I just like them! So...I'll keep thinking! If you come up with a cute name that ties in...teaching, coffee, chocolate, cycling...let me know! :D

One more font...

Yes, I've been home playing again making another font. It's! So, here is one more to enjoy. I call it "PJ Lalala"

Get it here:

New Font!

I purchase a great app called iFontmaker. It's tons of fun!  I was able to play with the app on my way home from Arizona and created this font I call "PJ Fizz". I am offering it as a free download!

  Click here:

This is what it looks like:

Hopefully, the download works correctly. You should be able to click this link, download the file, and then save it to your font file to use! Enjoy! If you download the font, please leave a comment and let me know if it worked! Thanks!  ~ Pam

Kick Off

Want to get ready for the new school year? As a kick off to my new blog, I am giving away a free window/door sign for your room.

1.  Follow me
2.  Make a comment.
3.  Include your email address or send your email to me with how I can personalize for you!

It's that easy!  This is for a limited time.

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