Monday Made It - 2017!

Have I actually taught an entire YEAR? This year blew by quickly! It was my first year at a new school and I loved it. Actually, it was harder than any of my past 30 years, but a great school. I am still getting use to the longer hours and commute. However, the school does a great job with excellence in the classroom, PBIS, PLN, collaboration, etc. 

I've participated with Monday Made It now for 3? 4? years. I have always LOVED all the inspiration given to me by others!

My students had a hard time with organization and heavy backpacks this past year. We were on the 3rd floor and students had to take the stairs. After the first few weeks of school, I had numerous complaints from parents about the heavy backpacks and a lack of classroom space. As a 6th grade teacher, my students are only in my room for ELA and Social Studies so they do not have their own desk space. They also do not have lockers. So, I allowed them to keep their curriculum on a designated shelf. My one condition - it had to be kept neat or they couldn't use it. With about 2 months left of school, I had to take the shelf away. Students simply could not follow my neatness guidelines.

This year I decided to make "crates" to store materials. I figured at the very least their mess would not be as exposed and I could look at the shelves easier. Too much mess makes me anxious! I also started a Donor's Choose for some organizational materials. 

I found crates for a great price at JoAnn's Fabrics - $8 a crate! All it took was one coat of stain and - beauty!

Sorry, I deleted my "before" pictures without thinking about Monday Made It! I promise - I will remember next time.

I love my Cricut and started creating new stickers for next year. I had to move classrooms and take down all my darling vinyls from last year's whiteboard. They cleaned off easily (YES!).  Thankfully, I saved the templates so all I did is recut a few of them. One I created new for this year. 

I started with a phrase I wanted up daily. Then I used the Typography app to type it up. I saved it as a .jpg.  

Next, I uploaded it to my Cricut software and cut it out of removable vinyl for use on the whiteboard. It will stay up all year - but peel off if I need to move rooms again! Since I am at home, I can't show it to you up yet, but here it is cut...

I am not changing my classroom theme TOO much this year. However, I am going to go with more of a "Farmhouse" theme and try to do away with a little of the bright blue. (Except my book bins are still blue and will probably just keep them that way.)

I always seem to make a new banner and this coming year is no exception. This banner is darling and I am loving how it is turning out! I used PowerPoint, created rectangles and added a triangle for the banner shape. Then I filled in the shape with a wood pattern. I added a circle and the font. Then I topped it off with a vine clip art. Love! I used my home laminator to finish them off. 


  1. Awesome projects! I am doing a camping theme this year and the crates are great! 😍

  2. Oh my gosh. I am LOVING that vinyl design! I will definitely be looking into that app you mentioned, too!

    Live, Laugh, Love Second

  3. Love that fill you used on your banner!

  4. How stinkin' cute!!
    I am pretty sure it should be y'all - in contractions the apostrophe replaces the omitted letters. :)

  5. I just bought a cricut and am obsessed! LOVING your ideas! What typography app do you use?

    1. The typography app is called Typorama - it is red with a big T!


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