Monday Made it! - July 18

Welcome to Another Monday Made It!

Thanks once again to Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for hosting Monday Made It! We share a love of God, teaching, and making things!

I saw so many posts for creating a Close Reading Toolbox. Thanks to Create Share Teach, she offers a FREEBIE of her adorable toolbox. All I had to do was print them out and assemble the kits! You can get her freebie HERE.  I found the plastic boxes on sale at Michael's for 40% off so they were a little over $1.00 each. I decided to use ModgePodge to get the pictures to stay on the boxes.

I decided to make 10 for groups of 3 students. Inside are bookmarks with close reading tips, pencils, highlighters, and sticky notes. I need to go to Dollar Tree to get magnifiers. 

Do your students sign a social contract? As I sat watching Dual Survival one night, I felt like doodling so I decided to draw a social contract tree. I used Tombow markers and paper. I looked up a font I liked on DaFont so that I could try to copy it with my pen! I will have students place their thumbprint to "sign" the contract. Then I hope to frame it!

I'm sorry I don't have a ton of pictures of this one! I invested in a Silhouette Mint Stamp Maker! I got a great deal on it during Amazon Prime Day on the 12th. I wanted to use it to make stamps for school - plus my daughter just got engaged on the 12th - her birthday! I figure it will come in handy! Her fiancee set up a beautiful breakfast table for her...
Pretty, right?! He's a keeper. :)
And, she blessed me by asking me to be her matron of honor. Such a surprise!

For her birthday and upcoming wedding, I bought her the Erin Condren wedding planner. So pretty!! 

The Rose Gold pattern is BEAUTIFUL and I almost wish I got it for my teacher planner - but I do love mine...

Did you know that on Erin Condren you can type in a "style" and everything that coordinates will show up? I typed in "Rose Gold" and found some beautiful coordinates for Lauren's wedding planner. This beautiful tray has inserts so you can change them out for the season! I love this one that matches:

Or these clip boards! 

Wow! Love!! Click any pictures for my referral link. Once you sign up you get an extra $10 off with your first purchase. 

Oh - back to the Mint!  I designed my first stamp using their software. It was really, really easy! I'm not too thrilled with the choice of colors I put on the stamp so when those colors wear out (after about 50 uses!) I will put on new colors. I also smeared the sample (sad face) but you get an idea!

My Made It #4 didn't really make it! I fully intended to work on my classroom this week and get all my boards up. That just didn't happen. I am working at a new school this year and wanted to move everything out of my attic and extra bedroom to the classroom. I won't bore you with all the details, but it comes down to being told I am in 2 different rooms. So until I know for sure, I won't be putting anything up. I did take pictures of the one that I hope I am in!

Pretty view, isn't it! Both rooms are on the 3rd floor.


  1. I love your social contract. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh my goodness... a stamp maker, I must find out more!

  3. Beautiful work on your Social Contract tree. I'm moving to a new school too. I am so ready to get in there and start the setting up process. Hope you get your first choice of room.
    -Fairway to Fourth Grade

  4. What a thoughtful and functional gift. Love me some EC. I get a life planner every year...although haven't bought one this year yet....I have moved my personal life into a personal planner and was going to try to just use EC for school and still have several months left so wanted to make sure I use it before I order...make sense? LOVE the social contract!!!!! I am def. going to have to do something like that!!!!! Thank you for sharing and linking up:)

  5. P.S. I pinned your social contract on my Monday Made It pinterest board:)

    1. Thanks, Tara! I love being a part of your Monday Made It! I find the community so inspiring!

  6. Those Close Reading Toolboxes are AWESOME! I did something similar last year but they were just in pencil pouches. I need to step up my game! Love it!
    Daisy Designs

  7. Oh my goodness! I love the social contract tree! I think I might have to steal this idea! I have five classes, but still how fun! I will just have 5 trees! :) Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. LOVE the tree! Tombow markers are fun to draw with!


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