Mason Jar Class Jobs - Monday Made It!

Welcome to another Monday Made It! Thank you, Tara, for hosting this great link up!!

I'm excited about my first project this week! I have always used store-bought job charts. But, I love mason jars and decided to create my own theme for job charts this year. It's a little different - but I really like how it turned out!!

I found a clip art of a mason jar and wrote the jobs on each. Then I cut them out and cut a slit in the top of each...

Next, I went to Dollar Tree and purchased 2 stems of flowers for a total of $2! I cut them apart and will use them for student names. I have dry erase tape and envision putting the tape off the stems and writing the names of students on each. 

That's all I got done this week!! I'm on vacation at the ocean! Yessss.


  1. Super cute classroom jobs idea. It seems like a couple of teachers here are digging the mason jars, huh? ;) They're adorable.

  2. Well that's different! Love the mason jar ideas and the flower's a really cute touch.

  3. Such a cute and different idea I love it :)


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