Monday Made It - June 26

Monday, June 26, 2017

I've had a blast this week making things! Wish I could tell you I came up with these ideas on my own - but I didn't! I usually draw inspiration from others. I do make everything myself...but I get the ideas from other people usually!

The first one is originally from Head Over Heels for Teaching.  Give her a visit because her things are so cute! In one of her Instagram posts she showed how she made Shout Out signs for her classroom from Dollar Tree frames. Such an awesome idea!

What I did for mine:  I created the template in PowerPoint and printed out. (Again, the design is from Head Over Heels for Teaching...thank you for the inspiration!) Next I cut it to the frame size and placed in the frame. I had some darling arrow Post-It notes so I chose those and stuck one to the front of each.  I chose 3 different for giving encouragement, one for noticing something kind, and one for writing about a favorite book!!

Next, I ordered a bunch of washi tape from NAEIR. (If you haven't found NAEIR yet, you will want to check them out!). Where to put it all??!! Someone posted this great video on creating a washi organizer from Dollar Tree items so I had to make it!

Here is my version:

First, I purchased the rotating stand and containers (2 stands, 6 containers).

I emptied out the cotton items and kept the swabs for art projects and maker space!

Next, I removed the stickers from the front of the containers. Well, I tried. They were hard to remove!

Yep, kind of a gross mess. So I decided to cover them. I had some sticker printer paper and used it to create stickers that I put on the front and sides.  Much better!! I printed out motivational sayings and quotes.

Next, I glued them to the base surface. I used Loctite because it is what I could find!

Finally, I glued on the top lazy susan piece and let it dry!  AWESOME!

Every year I try to put out "wish list" items for parents to pick up if they wish. This year I am going with a donut theme and putting donuts out with them. 

I love how they turned out. Would you like a copy? Pick up a free treat here! Sorry, this is a non-editable PDF version. Enjoy! 

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