Monday Made It - July 3

Once again I am joining 4th Grade Frolics and #mondaymadeit! So on to the creating...
My son gets married in 2 weeks!! I wanted to make something to give to my future daughter-in-law to welcome her into the I decided on making a welcome mat! I watched a YouTube video on using the Cricut to create a mat and I am really happy with how it turned out!

I love cooking when I am home for the summer. Kale and Caramel is my favorite cookbook! The ingredients are fresh and EVERYTHING I've made has turned out so yummy! This week I made homemade ricotta. The author, Lily Diamond, stated that once you make homemade ricotta you won't want to purchase it any more from the store. So true!! It was the yummiest EVER! And, it was super easy! Check out her cookbook if you want the recipe. You'll be happy you did!

Every year I have students sign a social contract. I like to draw a tree with Tombow pens, then have students sign it with their fingerprint. I keep the pictures year to year. Here is the one I drew last year:

And here is my new one for this year!

Finally, last night I simply could NOT turn my brain off. Literally, I was up until 2:30 with visions of kale and bike acrostics going around in my head. I was trying to figure out something new and different that fits my style.  I love kale, but am not too thrilled with the acrostic.  The words don't really work - I tried! Any better ideas? I like bikes and enjoy the words a bit more...still wishing that I could use the kale one in a better way. Which one is your favorite? 


  1. Love the way your welcome map turned out! I have a Cricut too but I don't use it as much as I use to... time just gets away from me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I LOVE the welcome mat! What a great idea, and a great wedding present! And BIKE works well for you acrostic. Love. See you around! Kathleen

  3. The bike acrostic is my favorite! Your mat is so cute! I think I would have to tell people, "Step over the mat! Don't walk on it!" It's too cute to step on! :)

  4. Love the welcome mat! Could you use BE Engaged for the E in Kale?? I know that is a big word now!

  5. Your mat looks amazing!!!! You did such a good job! Thanks for sharing. I made need to tackle this project soon.

    The Teal Paperclip


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