Monday Made It - July 10!... and a FREEBIE

Once again I am teaming up with the linky and Fourth Grade Frolics for a fun and fabulous Monday Made It!

My son gets married THIS WEEKEND! So, I have been off my creation game a bit. But, I did have fun making a few items to share with you...

I've used an Erin Condren planner for a couple years now and have always LOVED it. This year, I saw the darling planners at Michaels for a great price (Brand 365) and decided to try it out. I LOVE that it comes with tons of stickers, calendar, planner, checklists...oh so many things! I went through and made STICKERS for each of my subjects with times and placed them throughout all the weeks so that I won't have to do it each week. It turned out lovely!

I don't know about you, but we use post-it notes ALL the time in class. I love them for all our ELA work. One thing that drove me insane last year was how the students misused the post-it notes. I found students drawing pictures on them, folding them, making flip books, writing notes to many things. Despite all of our discussions about appropriate and not-appropriate usage, it wasn't getting through to them. This year I decided to hang up a sign and discuss the use (and why). It will be one of our first discussions of the year!

It's all laminated and ready to go! I made a plain version to share. All you need to do is add your own text! CLICK HERE for a freebie!

I've been having fun joining in on the Instagram #teacherswholetter 30 day challenge. I've been able to practice my lettering...and it is therapeutic!
This one above was my FIRST digital attempt at lettering! With a little practice I hope to get better. My c in School turned out really weird but by then I had so many retakes I decided to keep it!

There are more but you will need to visit my Instagram account to view them! 

Also on Instagram, I found a teacher who makes AWESOME paper flowers! You can read HOW here! Her website it The Happy Teacher's Palette. I gave my try at a flower. I didn't have the colors I wanted but I did have yellow for my first attempt!

Be sure to visit her site to see how she incorporates them in her room!

I will be off the next two weeks! See you when I return ~ Au Revoir AND Ciao! (Hint hint!)


  1. Your planner is beautiful! And look at that giant flower! I am thinking about adding some of those in my classroom but I'm struggling about where I could put them. I'm excited to see what you are going to do with them!

  2. I especially like the flair pen saying- hee. Have a GREAT trip- lucky you! Kathleen

  3. Money can't buy you happiness but it can buy you flair pens... YAASSS, that needs to be put on a tshirt!

  4. Very cute! Enjoy the wedding and the trip! I'm interested in the Teachers Who Letter-I am off to check that out! Your posters look great! Thanks for sharing.


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