Fall Blog Hop...Break Out the Soup!

Teaching My 3

It's fall!  Well, I must say it doesn't feel like fall at our house. It was still in the 90's today. But, I know that it will soon be cooling off and I can break out those sweaters!  I have one activity that is fun once the weather begins to cool...Andy Warhol soup cans. I let the kids draw a large Campbell's soup can in pencil. They design their own soup...banana soup, marshmallow soup, turtle soup, peanut butter and jelly soup...whatever they want! Once they get the can perfected, they outline it with a sharpie. Then, I photo copy the can 4 times for them, reducing it to 50% size.  Next, they color the cans four different colors and mount them on black paper. They always turn out darling!


  1. Great ideas, fab blog. I'll be back.



  2. Your soup cans are adorable. It's funny how your tastes change by the season. Now I'm starting to crave soup. But in the summer I didn't want anything to do with it.
    The Hive


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