Monday Made It!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

I've been busy this week - mostly printing things for my classroom! The first thing I worked on were the signs for my guided math groups. Sorry, not a great picture here...more will come when I do my room reveal!

I have one thing I do every year - signs for each of the subjects for the front of my whiteboard. I use these signs to write out our daily plan so that students may copy the work into their planners. This year I am especially excited because I will be incorporating more of a student-lead classroom from Learn Like a Pirate. Make sure to click the link if you haven't read this book!  I'll include "times" by each of the signs so that students can help keep the day on schedule. 

I found some great free photo booth props. Google "photo booth props" and you will find lots of ideas - black/white and color, too.   I thought they would be a fun activity for the first day of school - choose a prop, then take a photo. 

I typed up some sentence starters to hang around the whiteboard area in the front of the room. These will help students with discussions and answering questions in a full sentence. I just used PowerPoint, created word balloons, and typed in the phrases. I created the same border to match the other items in the room. 

Finally, on a personal note, I've been training for a half marathon! If you know me, I enjoy cycling but have never liked running! In fact, I've never run more than 3 miles at a time...up until now! Why am I running?  I'm running for Team World Vision to provide fresh water to families in Ethiopia. A few years ago I traveled to Ethiopia and saw the water problem first hand. I know that I want to do whatever can. If kids walk up to 18 miles a day to get fresh water, I can run for them. (Well, I will try!) I have a goal of $2,500 that I am trying to raise. I've LOVE your support! CLICK HERE.


  1. Thanks for the "Learn Like a PIRATE" mention Pam!

  2. Thanks for the great post, Pam! I read Teach Like a Pirate last summer and loved it. I saw Learn like a Pirate was out. I'll check it out based on your recommendation.

    I also loved your photo booth props. I'll check out how to make some of those. Thanks for sharing!

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