Monday Made It - Crate and Chalk board!

Monday, August 3, 2015
Welcome, friends, once again to Monday Made It by 4th Grade Frolics! I get so inspired by all the talented teachers out there...thank you all!

My first project was finishing my crate bench. I love it!

We started with 3 crates purchased from Home Depot. Originally, I purchased cute colored teal crates from Target but my husband didn't think they would hold up. Yes, they were a little flimsy, but they were cute! He finally talked me into returning them and getting commercial crates. Yep. These are mighty sturdy!  My husband cut a board we had from the garage to place on the top for extra reinforcement.

Now, I was going to zip tie them together and he stopped me again. He came up with an ingenious way to place small boards underneath, the size of the inside of the box, so that when flipped over they actually create a snap lid!

I would NEVER have thought of that! Kuddos, dear hubby! He even routered the edges to make them smooth and rounded.

I found a pillow top the exact size at Target for $8. I don't even have to cover a cushion! Finally, I tied it on and added bows.

I went to Hobby Lobby this week looking for a straw dispenser - which they didn't have. But OH MY. So many cute things! This was my first time shopping in Hobby Lobby. Glad I didn't go sooner because I would have spent a fortune! 

I found this darling chalk board sign for my desk.

I googled "Welcome" and chalk board sign to find some styles I liked. I fount a cute Welcome font and tried to write it out with my new chalk board pencils. I like it!

I think it will look darling on my desk. I added my name to the front of the desk using SchoolGirlStyle's banner. 

My final project was to create a READ block sign. I found the letters on sale 50% off at Hobby Lobby. They cost 50 cents each!

I chose 4 different scrap paper patterns. 

Next I traced the letter on the paper and cut them out to fit.

Put a little Modge Podge on the letter...

Then add the paper and Modge Podge over the top of all of it!

Let dry, and you are done! Easy peasy! :)


I even finished off a VistaPrint order. Honestly, I hadn't ordered any VistaPrint for a few years because I could never find the deals like I use to. But I had a 50% off come in the mail and so I snatched it up.

These are business card size. I can staple to their work or hand out as needed. 

I love using this at conference time! Parents write their questions on the back.

This is for sending home positive notes!
We even made time this week for ourselves! We had a great one night trip to Mendocino with our MTBs. Ahhhhh. Fun! Due to the CA fires, our drive home was almost 6 hours with the highway closed. But, we had a great time!


  1. I really like the conference postcard!

  2. I LOVE Hobby Lobby. Be sure to always pull up a 40% off coupon when you go in there. Your bench turned out perfect. It's sweet that your hubby helped. Mine always helps me with Monday Made Its too!
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  3. That bench is awesome!! What a great idea. I wish I had someone so handy to help!! Your room looks great:)
    Are We There Yet?

  4. I LOVE how you did your name in front of your desk, so cute! I've been wanting to make a bench like that, haven't gotten around to it though. Yours looks great! :)

  5. Aren't teacher hubbies the best!? Mine helped me cut lamination as we watched a movie last night. Such sweeties! By the way, I looooove your desk! I got rid of mine because it was so big and bulky, but if I had a desk like yours, I'd sit in it every day! So pretty!

  6. I love ALL of your Made it's! Everything turned out great. Want to come and do my classroom next ;) And those are GREAT ideas for vistaprint!

    Hobby Lobby is a dangerous place for me! I go in like, "I will take one of everything please!"