Free Font Sunday!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hi friends!

Today I decided to try out my first blog hop... free font Sunday. Every Sunday through November I will have a free font. If you know of a cute font - that is free - or you design your own, please link up! I created this font this morning for my first free font...PJ Jots. Just click the link and it's yours! If you have a font to add so that others can enjoy free fonts, please join the blog hop. 

Enjoy and happy Sunday!

Rules for linking up:
1.  Become a member of this site. Please follow me to the right - - ->
2.  Copy the free font Sunday image at top and link on your blog. Make sure it links back here.
3.  Add a free font to your post.
4.  Click where it says "you are here to enter"!

Now, this is my first linky blog if you are skilled at this and I need to be doing something else, please share your wisdom! Thanks so much!