#AppMaddnessChallenge Bracket

Sunday, March 24, 2019
I enjoy reading George Couros’ Principal of Change blog. He is an inspiring leader and in his recent post he tried something new - #appmaddnesschallenge - inspired by a visit to the New York Knicks game.  He encouraged others to try it as well... so here it goes! The #Appmaddnesschallenge Bracket - set up like March Madness basketball bracket.

Here are my top 8 last used apps according to the battery usage on my iPhone: (*This would be totally different using my iPad.)


I was surprised at my list of 8 but I’ll go with it!

Round 1

1. Weatherbug vs Accuweather

Interesting that my number 1 and 8 spot are both weather apps! Weatherbug is a recent download. What I like best about weatherbug is the map that shows lightning strikes! It shows how far away the strikes are - and where. It also shows a map of current fires. Being in California, the fire part is useful. We rarely have lightning - but most recently we have had some storms with lightning and I downloaded the app to see how far the strikes were from school. They were 3 miles away! However, Accuweather is my go-to weather app. I love how it gives a minute by minute forecast for rain - something very useful when it comes to deciding indoor or outdoor recess! It has radar, future radar, US satellite, watches and warnings, alerts, and even Zika risk from mosquitoes when traveling to other countries.

Winner - Accuweather

2. Instagram - SportsTracker

Eeks. Do they really have to go against each other? I get inspiration from Instagram. I prefer visuals so I like it over Facebook. I enjoy watching my daughter and son-in-law’s stories so I can keep up with their running. (@loloverun and @mrsetht) I was surprised to have SportsTracker show up because I am a Strava fan. However, I did use SportsTracker yesterday to track my MTB ride. If Strava were on the list, it would probably win. But it wasn’t so -

Winner - Instagram

3. Mail - Music

Eeks again. I have to choose? That’s tough. I see this as productivity vs. entertainment. I love listening to music. But...I have to give it to mail. It’s a must for work. I just use the regular Mail app from Apple and all my email streams to the same location. Easy Peasy.

Winner - Mail

4. Messages - Podcasts

Tough again. I text often and prefer it to the phone. But I love listening to podcasts as I commute each day. Currently in my library...Stuff You Should Know, The Joycast, Dr. Death, GastroPod, How I Built This, and Up and Vanished. I like Ted Talks Daily but too many posts caused my library to fill so I just listen to it every now and then.

Winner - Podcasts

Round 2

1. Accuweather - Podcasts

Accuweather helps me figure out weather I want to head out on a bike ride or call indoor recess. However, I can also go outside and make a pretty good guess. And - a little bit of rain won't hurt me, right?  Podcasts entertain me while I drive to work. They distract me from a long commute.

Winner - Podcasts

2. Instagram - Mail

Hmmm. Mail can be quite distracting. I find it is best to check just a few times a day. And I can always check it at work on my computer. Sometimes it's best for me NOT to check my email on my phone. I end up replying back short, quick texts since I don't like to type on my phone. It's better for me to reply on a computer.  Instagram is more of an inspiration to me. Again, I like to see my daughter’s stories and videos on Instagram. I just like hearing her voice. Family wins.

Winner - Instagram


Podcasts - Instagram

We all know social media can be too much of a distraction. As much as I enjoy Instagram, if I want to truly connect with others, it has to be real. I need to make personal visits. When I want to see my daughter, we will use FaceTime or talk on the phone. And she comes in 2 weeks to visit! Woo hoo!

Winner by Pam Jimison Apps- Podcasts

Podcasts help me enjoy my commute. I can choose inspirational, informative, spiritual, or suspenseful stories. 

This was a fun process. If someone were to ask me my favorite app, I don't really know what I would choose! I have apps for entertainment, productivity, information - it's a tough choice. Want to take the challenge, too? Use the hashtag #AppMadnessChallenge. I'd love to see your winner! 


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