Saturday, June 2, 2018

Your child may have told you...our room is looking bare again! Okay. I cheated a little with this picture - it was taken at the beginning of the year before I decorated. get the idea. 

I wanted to take time to tell you how much I have totally and completed LOVED teaching these kids this year. Really, they have been up with the top of my favorite classes. They are hard working, friendly, funny, and thoughtful students with excellent manners. I've been impressed with them the entire year. It makes leaving teaching a little hard to leave such a great group. 

Thank you, parents, for your support this year. Thank you for raising awesome kids and always being there to help for volunteer events and classroom needs. 

Feel free to keep in touch with me. I love to hear from my students even when I no longer have them in my classroom. 

Thank you for a great year. Next year you can find me at Victory Christian School in Carmichael.

Mrs. Jimison