Good-bye 2017!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

This is my 2017 picture blog. So for those of you interested, read on!

We've had a super busy family year...
First, we added a new son to our family - Seth! Our daughter married into an amazing family. We love the Tottens! And... son attempted to teach me to dance. Yes, I never learned. I attended private schools most of my life where dancing was not allowed. Thankfully, he is patient and is a great swing dancer!

In May our son graduated with a Physics degree from UC Berkeley. Huge accomplishment! He is now working as a Device Test Engineer for TSI in Rocklin.

I moved buildings at school. That was a lot of work! I have #toomuchteacherstuff. 

My husband continued to build onto our house for my mom. He hopes to be done in 5 more months...or so. 

Next, we added a new daughter to our family!

Our son married a beautiful woman of God named Naomi. We are so blessed by her.

Two weddings and a graduation! So this is what we did next!...

We went on a much needed vacation for our 30th ANNIVERSARY!! We went to Venice and Paris. Oh. So. Fun.

Venice is just too cool.

And in Paris I got to visit the huge Nespresso store and buy tons of Nespresso pods!

Of course, there was amazing coffee...

...walks to the Eiffel Tower. ..

...amazing food...
...and a train ride to Fontainebleau Castle. 

Back in the US:

Reality set in with a return to work. But...I have amazing students so it's all good!

Lauren and Seth ran CIM together and set the US record for the fastest marathon time, combined, of a married couple. Yep. They are pretty fast! Read the article here. 

They live in Santa Barbara but's a great place to visit!

Thanksgiving vacation is a time when we always go cut down our Christmas tree. It's our tradition. 

I finished my school year 2017 by making 60 scarves for my students. Wow. Now that was a job! I thought it would be quick but... hmmmm... I think I will have to come up with something else next year!

My final week of 2017 has been spent with family at home and lots of MTB riding and trail runs! 

...and a little bit of creating with my essential oils:

2017 was a busy, fun, productive year! I am one blessed teacher!