Multicultural Day

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Last Friday we had Multicultural Day in our classroom. I must say it is my favorite day of the year. I love celebrating other cultures - and learning about everyone! Other countries are fascinating to me. 

This year kids brought sushi with spam, rice, sea weed, candy from India, German sausage, German pickles, Chinese chicken wings, and Brazilian coconut candy. I wasn't sure what the kids would think of all the strong favors. Do you know what they did? DEVOURED it all! Wow. It was amazing! I've never seen kids eat such an odd assortment of food. 

Kids did an art project about Chinese dragons in honor of our new exchange student from China. I'll take a couple of pictures when we get them done! 

P.J. Jots: Weather or Not!

Saturday, January 12, 2013
P.J. Jots: Weather or Not!: I must say I love participating in Projects by Jen - online collaborative projects. It is fascinating to me to be able to take part in...

Weather or Not!

I must say I love participating in Projects by Jen - online collaborative projects. It is fascinating to me to be able to take part in projects with teachers from all over the globe! 

Our class is now participating in "Weather or Not" . We track the weather in our city using the Kids Journal App 

There is also an Edmodo page where we can all share our journal pages, share questions, etc. There is no fee, and my students love filling in the kids journal each day. We cover the weather for 3 months so I am letting each child fill out the journal for the day of their student number. With 26 students, each one should get about 2-3 journal entries. 

Head on over and see if you can participate! Click here .

Nearing the end!!

Friday, January 11, 2013
I am so excited!  Monday I begin my last semester of courses for my M.Ed. I can't tell you how exciting this is to think that I am almost done!  I have loved, loved, loved my courses...but has taken up so much time.  I find that all I do is work at school, come home and do my masters work, then go to bed.  This last semester I have my practicum and one class.  For my final practicum, I have to do a "project" for instructional technology. Hmmm... Any ideas?  I want to do something that will help my school at the same time. I am thinking about either a PD program for blogging in the classroom grades 3-12, or using iPads at the preschool level for our preschool teachers. Anyone else with ideas? (smile!)

13 Ways to Live Life to Its Fullest in 2013!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

13 Ways to Live Life to Its Fullest in 2013!

  1. Sleep.  You may not need 13 hours of sleep, but you do need 8-10 hours of sleep. My family may think I'm crazy, but I try to be in bed by 9:30 at the latest. I get up between 5:30-6:30 ... the early bed gets the worm, right? 
  2. Start the day right.  Eat a healthy breakfast. Way too many people skip breakfast! It's like gas in a car.  Put healthy food in to keep going throughout the day! I eat oatmeal, chia seeds, berries, and coconut milk every day for breakfast. It fuels the day.
  3. Start the day right - part 2.  We've established to sleep right, get up at dawn, and eat correctly. Now it's time to get the day started emotionally and spiritually.  I begin with "devotions" each day - a time set apart for me and God. It's a time to connect, listen, and be quiet before the rush of the day begins. I like to read through the Bible every year. This year I am adding "picture journaling" to the mix. I read a few verses, then draw (using my paper app) a picture to go with it.  I'm finding that drawing each morning is also therapeutic!
  4. Coffee and Chocolate.  This means enjoy the small things. I enjoy coffee and chocolate. Every day I treat myself to coffee and chocolate! What small things do you enjoy? Treat yourself.
  5. Be thankful. My new year resolution is to try to be more positive this year. It's easy to look at the negative. Yet I have so much to be thankful for! In every circumstance, find something to be thankful for...even if it is the opportunity to grow.
  6. Get moving. We all know physical activity is healthy. It's sad how sedentary our society has become. Get out there and start moving! Walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Take your dog on a walk. Ride your bike. Get moving.
  7. Be still. Opposite of number 6? Yes.  Take some time each day to be quiet and enjoy what is around you. We are busy, busy, busy. As grandma says, "Take time to smell the roses." How true.
  8. Give a smile. Give a smile to someone new each day if given the opportunity. There are too many people going through hard times - make someone's day by spreading a little sunshine!
  9. Give.  Volunteer more. Give of your time, talents, finances, whatever you can. It feels wonderful to give to others! You will reap rewards more than you can imagine in return.
  10. Offer an encouraging word. Most likely if you are reading this, you are a teacher. We know that encouraging words are powerful to students. How about your co-workers? Do you have a teacher that drives you nuts? Start encouraging them - give that kind word and a smile each day to that person.
  11. Go out on a limb. Are you living life on a balance beam, hanging on for dear life? Try something a little crazy this year - something new, fun, exciting! Get out of the boat and do something you've always wanted to do. 
  12. Say I'm sorry.  Be the first to apologize. If someone has been wronged, make it right.
  13. Make time. Make time for others.  This is a hard one for me. I get really busy with "stuff" that I forget to make time for the important things like relationships. This last one if for me to remember!
Happy 2013!


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