Monday Made It!

Monday, June 27, 2016

I'm happy to be a part of Monday Made It again! I love looking at everyone's creations and it inspires me to make something new!

Read to the end and receive a FREEBIE this week! :D  Happy Monday!

I went to Hobby Lobby and found this adorable bunny on sale. Usually I purchase something like this for my house - so why not for my classroom? I bought a heart shaped chalk board as well and tied it around the bunny's neck. I am going to use it first of all for Meet the Teacher Night - and after that I can erase the chalkboard and write something new! I may keep it on my desk.

Next, I decided to create some simple door hangers for when we are away from the classroom...or to say hello...or as a birthday greeting! I created them using PowerPoint, printed, laminated, then cut!

My final project was making some classroom posters. I want to share with you a really EASY way to make darling word posters by using at app called Typorama

Typorama creates complex text layouts with different fonts and typefaces. You can create the text on a transparent background or on top of a photo. When I first started using it, I used it to share photos on Instagram and FB. However, I soon realized it would be a great way to type up my classroom rules and create personalized signs! Here are some samples:

Cute and easy! LOVE IT! Give it a try. You will never make posters the same again!

I struggled over and over what to get my students as a welcome gift this year because I will have 60 STUDENTS! (2 classes of 30) I couldn't do my usual bag with goodies because it was getting too expensive. I decided to create bookmarks using the Typorama app! 

I created a bookmark using PowerPoint and printed them out on cardstock. Then I laminated for 48 hours straight (okay, not just felt like it!).

I finished by punching a hole in the top and added ribbon. 

Since PowerPoint was already set up with the bookmark, I made files to share with YOU for FREE!  Click here to get your free copy in PDF or PowerPoint.


Monday Made It!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy summer!  I've started CREATING already and I bet many of you have, as well! I love getting ready for the new school year. I've had a BLAST working this spring as a teacher at an outdoor education school. How cool is it to be PAID to hike, belay, etc.? Yep. Pretty fun!  The best part - I accepted a new position teaching 6th grade and was a bit nervous to work with a new grade level. However, the outdoor education school had all 6th grade students! AND, I fell in love with the age level! The 6th graders are TONS of fun! I've enjoyed every minute of it!

I admit, I got on the lightbox bandwagon! I've seen some great ideas and want to join in on the fun! I bought a LightBox from Amazon, then purchased Vellum paper from Staples and printed out my own phrases. I chose many phrases from Kid President like this one below. I personalized by adding my own Emoji I created using my iPad Emoji app. 

Speaking of Emojis, I had fun creating Emojis of myself, then cutting them out using my Cricut to create stickers. 

My next project was tons of fun. My husband is residing our house and was throwing our old shutters away. So...I grabbed 2 up quickly to make signs for my classroom!

I decided this one would be used for birthdays. I haven't decided if I will hang up names or pictures may depend on how much time I have once school starts!

My other project I created earlier and wrote a post about it. I bought a frame at Hobby Lobby and wrote with chalk on it to hang by my desk. I'll post it here since it is a "creation" !

My classroom theme will be black/white/chalkboard/burlap so I think it will all fit fine! Erin Condren Planner! I've been busy planning out the next year and filling in school dates. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this planner!!

Lesson planning and keeping organized takes time. Why not do it in style? It helps me feel better! (smile) 

Next I will work on creating some stickers for weekly planning so that I don't have to write the same thing each week. I use to create the whole page via PowerPoint and glue in the planner. But this planner is simply too pretty to do that! I will opt for cute stickers this time.  Want your own?  Click my share link HERE!!