When the Going Gets Tough...

Saturday, September 1, 2018

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Yes, I know it’s cliche. But, it is really quite true. It’s soooo easy to give up on things when it gets tough. I have to use my daughter as an example of determination. She is my inspiration.

Our daughter is a marathon and ultra runner. She is simply amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone as determined as Lauren. Well, her husband Seth is just as determined! They work hard and train hard. They are both amazing athletes. They have gotten this way through a LOT of hard work...more than the average person would endure. They get up early, eat healthy, work a full day, and put in a second set of training. They push themselves physically and spiritually. They are active with church and their social groups.

Lauren ran in the Olympic trials, and Seth took 4th in the World Duathlon in 2016 (Racing-at-Duathlon-World).  Besides training and working full time, they are also coaches

I am writing about Lauren this weekend because today she finished another big event. She ran in a 50k trail run. Yes, 50k - that’s 31 miles of trail running. Trail runs are beautiful but hard and technical. A trail run involves not only running, but paying attention to rough terrain, climbing, rocks, streams...let’s just say it’s hard. She came in 1st female  - state champion for women! It was a great accomplishment. 

I try not to be a quitter but sometimes it’s just hard! Last year I ran a 21 mile trail run after spending 10 days in India, getting sick, and not running for 3 weeks. Not a smart idea. But, I went for it. At mile 15 I was done. I mean...done. I didn’t think I could even walk. Then, Lauren called. She talked me through the rest of the run. I was so glad I completed it and thankful that her call came in just in time. She encouraged me and told me I could do it. 

Parents, help build determination in your kids. It’s a wonderful quality to be able to persevere when times get tough. It’s easy to bail our kids out or let them quit when they get frustrated. But building perseverance and determination are character traits that will help them in many aspects of life. Things may get tough. Encourage your child. Tell them they can do it. Cheer them on. Whether sports, music, academics - whatever the challenge - help your child not quit through your encouraging words. 

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