We had parties every day!

Thursday, July 12, 2012
Last year one of my former students spoke about me during his 5th grade graduation speech. He announced to everyone that we had parties in my class all the time. Ha ha. Really? I had quite a few people contact me and let me know that not only did everyone laugh, but that he was also quite serious about it. So I thought and thought until a co- teacher reminded me. We did have parties...almost every day and at any time!

We called them one second parties! Anytime we wanted to celebrate something in the room...an accomplishment, a birthday, spelling scores...anything...we would throw a one second party! I would count down...3...2...1..."woooooo!!!!" I told the kids it could last only 1 second. So yes, we did practice it! I guess they loved it because they would ask for a party for many accomplishments. And I usually said yes knowing it would only last a second and we could get back to work!

Yes, James, we had parties all the time. And I'm glad they are such a fond memory of yours! You brightened my day, too!
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