Monday Made It! - Soap!

Monday, July 13, 2015

I have had an awesome week laminating my brains out and being Suzy Homemaker. Well, I felt ambitious I guess and decided to do something I've always wanted to try...SOAP-MAKING!

I LOVE great smelling soap - but it can be expensive. So, I got an eBook by Jan Berry called  Natural Soap Making and read all about the cold process. You can find her book HERE at The Nerdy Farm Wife.   I then found a recipe I wanted to try - Citrus Honey Scotch Ale Soap. Sound a little weird? Beer in soap? Well, I chose it because they stated it smelled like extremely rich caramel with a hint of citrus and honey. Mmmmmm. That's sounds good!

I have to admit - I was scared to try the soap making process. The whole deal about working with lye is scary to me! So, I got my son to do that part!

We mixed up the lye portion outside to avoid fumes. My husband wanted to know how much the soap cost to make. Ummm...well, I put a lot of expensive oils into it including palm oil and jojoba. 

I didn't want to buy a soap mold at that point, so I found this plastic container at Target and it worked fine!  My soap is now cut and will cure for 3-4 weeks. It smells yummy!

We cut it into blocks to cure. I like the "cut" look and will wrap them in wax paper and twine. Some. Day. 

Next, on to my teacher stuff. I told you I laminated my brains out. Right? It's completely true. I feel like I will go crazy if I have to laminate anything else.  First, I purchased 4th Grade Math Centers - 10 Bundle - by Tina's Teaching Treasures.   Wow. 199 pages of awesomeness.  I had it printed, then laminated like CRAZY. But, I figured once it was all laminated, I would have a year's worth of pretty sweet math centers. 

Although I will keep them in math bins, I found some cheap pencil pockets pictured above - two for $1.00 at the Dollar Store. 

I bought some photo album books at the Dollar Tree and placed the math discussion starters inside. 

Purchased: giant calculators for the math bins! Fun. Only $1.00.

After my math centers were done, I started to work on my Writing Center for Daily 5. I found a great site called Second Story Window that provides awesome ideas for writing activities.  I followed her advice, and bought some fun items at the Dollar Store:

Cute, right?  A DOLLAR! These darling journals will be used as whole class journals for writing. Love.

The Dollar Store even sold little cut outs. I bought a few and am writing journal prompts on the back. My dogs, Charlie and Raleigh, like them!

Finally, I used my digital purchase from SchoolGirl Style to create the banner for the writing center. I have no idea why the ends of them didn't I decided to improvise rather than re-print and I colored dark at the they look like pens! Perfect.

To finish off my long week of soap-making and laminating center materials, I BBQ'd pizza. Have you ever had BBQ pizza? Once you start, you won't want to go back to regular pizza making again! We follow a recipe from Whole Foods found HERE. We add arugula to ours.

That's it for this week! Please share this blog and enjoy!  


  1. Is it wrong to say that soap looks delicious because your soap makes me hungry, haha! Looks like a professional :)

  2. Dang! you were super productive! I love the soap...if it didn't look so hard to make...I'd totally make some, that sounds like a fun adventure! :)

    sunflowers & social studies

  3. I love your finds from Dollar Tree. This reminded me that I need to take a trip there... I just love your banner!

  4. That pizza looks so yummy. I haven't had BBQ pizza but I've heard great things! I'm off to the Dollar Store now-- what deals!
    My Bright Blue House

  5. Love all these made its! And the bright colors look great :)

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings


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