Making Fans!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

I just couldn't wait for Monday Made It - I've been a busy bee! So, I will blog this early and link up Monday to my Made It!

I love decorating my classroom with fans - but don't really want to purchase them. I found that they are EASY to make and it is much more fun to have items that are unique, personal, and for my exact color scheme. I want to share with you how I quickly and easily make the fans!

Step 1:

Select your paper. I found a cheap deal at Michaels for a pack of odd papers. Honestly, I thought they were all wood design, opened them up, and saw that only the 1st two pages were wood! But - they work. 

Step 2:
Begin folding.  Fold the paper back and forth like an accordion. 

 Step 3: 
Bend the paper in half and staple.

Step 4:
Repeat this with one more piece of paper. Then, fan open and staple the two papers together.
Step 5:
To complete the look, I took another piece of paper, folded it twice, and traced a circle using a mug. I cut out the circles and ended up with 4.

That's all! Glue the circles to the middle using a hot glue gun. I typed out words to glue on top of the circles but you may do whatever you wish! Try using icons, pictures, group names...the list goes on!

Please share this with your friends and I'd love to see your creations!


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