August 21-25, 2017

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Well, we have had a busy busy week! So - I am going to give myself a little break and blog using Tellagami. Please view the video above for my blog post!  AND - we have a special blogger! Students are able to have the job of blogger in our class. Here is our first student blogger - Sophia:

Week 1: 

      The First week of school went great! This week, we started our first Language arts unit on myths, which includes reading Percy Jackson and making inferences with evidence.  The time capsules we made will be saved in our classrooms until the end of the school year so we can open them and see how much growth we have made throughout the year. 

Are you excited to construct a tool? Our next project is so exciting because you can only use things naturally found outside like weeds, leaves, bark, and more to create a tool. Remember to bring your tool into class by September 1! 

This week we used microscopes in math/science class! We started module one in math books which focuses on ratios. We also started organizing our interactive notebooks. 

Last, Alliance Redwoods is coming up on September 18! We had a great week with lots of progress. 

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