Paper or Digital Planner?

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Digital planner or paper? As a new principal, I have a lot of things to keep track of. Right now I am using both. Yes! And I know I just need to pick one and keep with it.

I researched and researched planners and decided to buy the Panda Planner as seen here.  I love the simple, clean design and the fact that I can number the dates as I go. If I don't write anything one day, it isn't a blank page in a journal. I just write the next date. As a former teacher, I have loved my Erin Condren planners as well. But this one may be a new favorite. Yet, I find that I take notes on each day so that I will have a record of what I have done, fully intending to use the notes. But I never look back at them. Hmmm.

But then...I love using my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. They work together flawlessly and the pencil writes beautifully. I love the fact that I can snap a picture and add to it, or record while I write. Recently I took some classes by Holly Pixels.  She just makes planning (and writing) fun! I think that's the problem. I get so sidetracked with my iPad planner. I start using it, then end up drawing pictures, looking at email, etc. As much as I love using my iPad planner, I don't stay focused with it well.

I do think I will use my iPad for drop by visitations. I created a simple form using Keynote and saved it as a jpg. I can pull it up in Good Notes and write directly on the page, then send it easily via email to the teacher.  I also bought an observation checklist from Principal Principles that I think I'll enjoy using!

Oh - and the first picture? I designed staff t-shirts this week. It's so easy using the Cricut! Just design, let the Cricut cut, and iron on. I hope my staff will love them!

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