At the corner

I finished painting my desk and getting my corner of the room ready. I wanted to share with you the results! I didn't plan on the lace curtains. I was going to use plain fabric and sew a divider to cover the dictionaries and Christmas tree! But after cleaning out our attic I ran across these curtains. So, I got lazy and decided to use those instead of sewing something else!

Please comment - what to you do with your bookshelves? Do you cover them? Store things in boxes?


  1. I love your little corner! Looks awesome! I actually just bought some fabric this morning to do the very same thing. My sewing machine, however, has other ideas--not stiching well right now. Hopefully I can get it fixed. Thank you for joining my blog! I am your newest follower :)

  2. I use curtains on the bottom half like you do to cover up file containers. On the rest of the cabinet, I use fabric drawers to hold all my things. Looks good - love it!


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