My Teacher Stool Tradition!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

I have a tradition that started about 15 years ago with my teacher stool. The stool started off as wooden with a black fake leather top. I wanted to jazz it up a bit and so I painted it and covered the top with material.

The next year I changed colors in my classroom and so I painted it again, and covered the top with a new material pattern. Well, that started a weird tradition that I have kept up ever since - redesigning my stool every year. 

Every year I repaint the stool to match the new colors of my classroom and put on a fresh bit of material. I don't take off existing material layers and this has been the fun part. Every time I remodel the stool, I see the former patterns that have been long since covered. Each material piece holds special memories. And, over the years, the stool has become more and more comfy! There are layers of material on the stool!

The above picture was last year's "model". It was shabby chic and  I wanted something a bit brighter. I decided to get an early start for next year remaking my stool. 

I decided I wanted stripes so I started by painting the legs of the stool black. I then used painters' tape to wrap the legs. I next painted a coat of white and removed the painters' tape. 

I finished by painting the rungs alternating colors of yellow, aqua, and bright pink. I found that I had to put on 3 coats to be able to cover the pattern from the year before. 

My final step was to staple (with my husband's staple gun) the top over the existing material and tie on small black bows.  Here is the final project:

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