Teacher and Student Sketchnote Handbook!

Friday, April 8, 2016
I have been a long time fan of sketchnotes! If you're not sure what a sketchnote is, be sure to Google it! A SKETCHNOTE is a form of note taking that includes a mix of handwriting, drawings, shapes, and other visual elements such as boxes and lines.

BIG PICTURE:  Sketchnotes are meant to capture the BIG IDEAS of what is read/heard rather than writing down every little detail. Focus on LISTENING or THINKING about the content ~ then translate that onto the page with fonts, pictures, and elements. The CCSS focus on having students not only recall information, but to formulate opinions, ideas, and increase critical thinking skills. Students can do this through a Sketchnote.  

I just released my Teacher and Student Sketchnote Handbook! You can find it HERE for $4.50 (a bargain!) or win a FREE copy by following this blog and commenting below. I'll choose a winner April 10. (PS look at the pictures carefully below and you will find a link for a FREE font download!)

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